NSL - The National Senior League

Crowning National Champions in 7 Divisions


October 19, 2020

Follow your favorite NSL teams by clicking on STANDINGS above.  Out of 13 conferences this season we have exciting competition in 10 conferences.  Nothing will be decided until week seven is over.  Conference Champions and ties receive NSL Certificates of Champion Play.  After week 7 NSL National Championships begin.  We’ll be crowning champions in 8 Divisions.  This season all teams will make the playoffs which will last one to four weeks.  NSL playoffs are a ‘one and done’ format - you win and you play on.  You lose and your season is over.

NSL Shout-Out to Arline Mustar who Wii bowls for Foothills Retirement Community, Easley, SC.  Arline is 102 years young, has a 185 average and a high game of 222 this season.  May we all be Wii bowling at 100+.

We miss our Senior Center teams and Wii bowlers and the other 40/50 communities who generally bowl in the NSL.  Please go-away COVID.  We need all our seniors active and Wii bowling again.  Stay Safe Everyone!

The NSL is in its 11 year of providing Wii Bowling Championships for seniors.  On average, without COVID 19, we have about 75/80 communities participating each season with 1,300+ registered Wii bowlers representing 260/275 teams.  We roll through 2 seasons each calendar year. 

The NSL provides participation certificates for all bowlers as well as certificates for conference champions.  Winners and Finalists at the National Championship level receive etched glass awards.  We also name and honor a Senior Wii Bowler of the Year and a NSL Wii Coach of the Year.

2021 NSL Spring Championships begin the week of Feb 15th.  Registration opens Dec 1, 2020.  2021 NSL National Championships begin the week of September 6.  Registration opens July 1, 2021.

We’re looking forward to our senior Wii Bowlers returning to the ‘lanes’.  Call (435 714 9491) or email (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) if you have any questions or want more information.  Wii MAKE THINGS HAPPEN AND Wii DO ALL THE WORK.  OUR SENIOR BOWLERS HAVE ALL THE FUN1


NLS 2020 Spring Championships kicked off the week of Feb 24 with 253 teams representing 71 communities from 31 states.  Teams registered 1,298 senior Wii Bowlers.  Ohio led the way with 9 communities followed by Georgia with 8.

How the NSL works—Teams start the season bowling in conferences made up of 8 teams each.  Following 7 weeks of bowling the NSL crowns champions in each conference.  Communities receive Certificates of Bowling Excellence for winning conference championships.  After conference play the top 32 teams in each of 7 divisions bowl in a one and done format to determine National Champions in each division.  National Champions and runner-ups (Finalists) receive NSL Etched Glass Awards. 

NSL Wii Bowlers bring out the best in the NSL motto - LIVE ACTIVE.  LIVE YOUNG.  LIVE LIFE!  We have fun.  We stay happy and healthy.  We look forward to the competition each week.  We find competitiveness we never knew we had.  We strive to improve.  We stay in touch with friends and teammates.  We are true Champions.  We love the NSL!!!

Tell your friends about us.  Wii HAVE A GREAT THING BOWLING ON!!


The NSL features senior bowlers from all walks of life and all levels of abilities.  We feature bowlers from CCRC’s, Independent Senior Living Communities, Assisted Living Communities, Affordable Housing Communities, Senior Centers, VA Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Senior Meal Programs and Recreations Centers.  The League features Senior Wii Bowlers with disabilities, bowlers in wheel chairs and legally blind bowlers. 

Call or email Dennis Berkholtz 435-714 9491/dennis@nslgames.com for more information.



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About the NSL

  • Play in your own community - no travel
  • 4 bowlers on a team
  • Nintendo Wii or Microsoft XBOX are accepted NSL virtual bowling programs
  • Play in one of 7 divisions based on level of ability
  • Play one day each week for 7 weeks followed by up to 3 weeks of playoffs
  • Post scores on line by Thursday 9 PM
  • See results on line 9 AM Friday
  • NSL provides oversite, schedule, STATS, awards and team webpage


Wii bowlers in the NSL compete in 7 divisions.  Divisions are determined by the average score of the 4 bowlers making up a team.  Divisional breakdowns——CHAMPIONS (average 250 to 300); SUPER ELITE (average 220 to 250); ELITE 1 (average 200 to 220); ELITE 2 (average 180 to 200); SUPER MASTER (average 160 to 180); MASTER 1 (average 140 to 160); MASTER 2 (average less than 140 pins).

Important Dates

2020 NSL National ChampionshipsBegins Week of Sept 7. Registration Now Open
2021 NSL Spring ChampionshipsBegins the Week of Feb 15
2021 NSL National ChampionshipsBegins the Week of Sept 6
2021 OPEN ChampionshipsOCT 25/28, Atlanta, GA
NSL Founder/PresidentDennis Berkholtz .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 435714 9491