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National Championship

Team Name
Arrowhead Alley Oops
Arrowhead Gardens
Seattle, WA
Activity Director
Pat DeRiso

Team Statistics

Arrowhead Alley Oops's Stats
Average 224
Top Score 263
Total Pins 12530
Total Strikes 0
Total Spares 0
Handicap 5

Team Ranking

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Arrowhead Alley Oops are currently ranked 1st among the Arrowhead Gardens.

Rank Team Name NSL PTS W-L-T Average Pins X /
1 Arrowhead Alley Oops 12530 14-0-0 224 35 0 0
2 The Four Strikes 11320 11-3-0 202 28 0 0
3 Falling Pins 11205 8-6-0 200 20 0 0

Match Highlights

Week 6: Arrowhead Alley Oops vs. AFEV King Pins View Match Scores
She did it again. Kathie Nickerson bowled another 300 game. Second for the season. Great game!
Week 2: Arrowhead Alley Oops vs. Altona Rock Runners View Match Scores
Team Arrowhead Alley Oops had another team member, Kathie, achieve another 300 game. Outstanding.