NSL - The National Senior League



October 16, 2016

The first round of the NSL playoffs ended Friday with seeded teams dominating play.  A couple of upsets were in the works as #32 seed Evenglow Turkeys beat out #1 seed COA 2 in the Elite 1 Division and #27 seed DH1 eliminated #6 seed Blueberry Rollers in the same division.  In the Master 1 Division #31 seed CVC Strikers sent #2 seed BV Village Strikers to an early shower.  Round 2 action gets starts Monday with results on line on Friday.  Follow the action by clicking on your favorite division above.

Following the playoffs the NSL will name the NSL Wii Bowler(s) of the Year,  NSL Coach(s) of the Year and NSL Most Improved Team of the Year.  The NSL philosophy - everyone in the NSL is a Champion.

Forty teams (40) were crowned conference champions following 7 weeks of conference play!

The National Championships are played in 7 divisions based on levels of ability.  The top 32 teams in each division as determined by their total pins after 6 weeks of play make it to the National Championships which are played in a ‘one and done’ format much like the NCAA Basketball Final Four.  Champions and Runners-up receive NSL etched glass awards to add to their trophy case along with bragging rights being the National Senior Wii Bowling Champions! 

Follow all the results by clicking on the division of your favorite team.  The NSL - WE HAVE A GREAT THING BOWLING ON!!

The 2016 NSL season features 1,593 registered bowlers making up 288 teams from 96 communities.  Thirty one (31) states are represented with Georgia leading the way (12 communities) followed by California (10), Pennsylvania (9) and New York (7).

We added a new division this season featuring beginner and challenged senior Wii bowlers who are start-up bowlers averaging less than 120 pins for game.  Commissioner, Dennis Berkholtz, commented - “We’re happy to have new communities with start-up programs join the NSL.  Our goal is have balanced competition featuring Wii bowlers on every level of ability.”



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About the NSL

  • Play in your own community - no travel
  • 4 bowlers on a team
  • Nintendo Wii or Microsoft XBOX are accepted NSL virtual bowling programs
  • Play in one of 7 divisions based on level of ability
  • Play one day each week for 7 weeks followed by up to 3 weeks of playoffs
  • Post scores on line by Thursday 9 PM
  • See results on line 9 AM Friday
  • NSL provides oversite, schedule, STATS, awards and team webpage


Wii bowlers in the NSL compete in 8 divisions.  Divisions are determined by the average score of the 4 bowlers making up a team.  Divisional breakdowns——CHAMPIONS (average 250 to 300); SUPER ELITE (average 220 to 250); ELITE 1 (average 200 to 220); ELITE 2 (average 180 to 200); SUPER MASTER (average 160 to 180); MASTER 1 (average 140 to 160); MASTER 2 (average 120 to 140) and MASTER 3 (less than 120).

NEXT NSL CHAMPIONSHIP - NSL National Championships.  Play begins the week of Feb 12, 2017.  Registration opens Dec 15, 2016.  JOIN US.  For additional information contact Dennis Berkholtz (435 714 9491) or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Important Dates

2017 NSL Open ChampionshipsDec 5-10, 2016 - Clearwater, FL Partner with FL State Senior Games
2017 NSL State and Regional ChampionshipsFeb 12 - Apr 27 (Registration Opens Dec 15, 2016)
2017 - NSL National ChampionshipsSept 11 - Nov 24 (Registration Opens July 15, 2017)
NSL ContactDennis Berkholtz - NSL Commissioner .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) 435 714 9491